Spring 2013. Bob Alexander.

Reclaimed Plywood, Bicycle Frames

Defined geometrically as well as supported by a frame superstructure, this shelter creates an informal space for gathering, self-expression, and socialization of bike culture at Cal Poly Pomona. The lip primarily intended for sitting/laying folds into the wall of the installation. All of this happens under the shadow of the cantilever, comforting the users of this space from the sun as well as the occasional wind.

Kirill Volchinskiy (team lead), Hana Lemseffer, Tom Evans, Lorena Jauregui, Yan Long, Kyle Arabit, Evelyn Ascensio

recylce bicycle shelter

recylce bicycle shelter

re cycle bicycle shelter

Fabrication chronology. Timeline for design and fabrication was 3 weeks. Bicycle frames were bought from recycling centers, and individuals collecting metal for a living. A mock-up was created using a frames joined by zip tie and cardboard panels cut to size according to a digital model. The superstructure was then assembled around the mock-up panels and finally welded. The plywood was a 2-layer system, with metal plates sandwiched between the layers which was then anchored to the superstructure using bolts.

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Final assembly before the review, where the project earned first place.

recycle bikerack video